Tools Used : React JS, MongoDB, ExpressJS, NodeJS, Kafka, Openstack, Swagger,

Completion : 2 years

Link : qcloud

  • Worked as a Full Stack Developer in a cloud computing platform that uses pooled virtual resources to build and manage cloud.
  • Developed user-interface components in ReactJS based on client specifications.
  • Constructed and sustained nodeJS and expressJS services and REST APIs.
  • Integrated SSO from multiple providers through keycloak.
  • Combined OpenStack API’s with a Django and nodeJS based backend and Hystax Disaster Recovery API’s.
  • Linked the billing system (killbill) and network traffic monitoring tool (NTOP) to monitor and bill network traffic.
  • Integrated Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) inside the Cloud portal supported by open stack.
  • Extensive knowledge of NodeJS, ExpressJS, Git, 3rd Party APIs.
  • Worked on creating and Integrating Cloud Usage Report inside the Cloud portal.
  • Worked on different cloud technologies and building different micro services to achieve cloud computing services.
  • Worked and Developed billing system from scratch, Usage Billing, Billing Plans, payment gateway inside the Cloud portal.

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